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Workers' Compensation Claims - Getting the Benefits You Deserve

There are specific steps you should take after a work accident or once you have become aware that an illness was caused by the conditions at your workplace or the duties associated with your job:

  • Seek medical care - if you suffered a serious injury, call 911 or go to the emergency room and seek immediate medical attention. If you are stable or are not in imminent danger, inform your supervisor of what occurred. Your supervisor or manager can tell you if there is a specific medical provider you should see.
  • Inform your employer - even if you have already informed your supervisor verbally of the accident or your injuries, you will need to inform your employer in writing within 4 days of the incident. Failure to report the incident may result in the loss of some of your benefits.
  • Contact an attorney - though you have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits, there are specific steps you will need to follow and problems that may arise that will threaten your ability to recover the compensation you need. An Estes Park workers' comp attorney can help you take the appropriate action and can protect your legal rights through the entire process.

Estes Park Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Our firm is committed to helping injured workers in the Estes Park area to seek the workers' comp benefits they need after workplace accidents, injuries or illnesses caused by workplace exposure and all types of on-the-job injuries. When you have a lawyer at our offices by your side, you will not only have the legal counsel to seek the benefits you deserve but will be able to focus your energy on healing and spending time with loved ones rather than deal with these complex matters.

For a free consultation, contact an Estes Park workers' compensation lawyer today!

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