From a social security and workers' compensation client. Busch Law Offices won his social security disability claim and negotiated a very favorable settlement of his workers' compensation claim.

Thanks Brett....what you did for is the last 2 years were a God send and above and beyond your call of duty having to put up with me....lol and all my confusion and patience on your end.

You and your staff are wonderful people that I believe truly want to help and not just for the money. It feels like I list a friend after closing my case and no more communication. You will always be a good memory. If you treat everyone like you did me you will always be a success.

Merry Christmas


In response to a thank you note for client referrals, a doctor’s office representative explained why patients are referred to the Busch Law Offices:

“We refer because we know you do a good, thorough job. You care about your clients and your [sic] honest. We value your opinion and your services.”

-Lori Van Skike, Clinic Administrator, GeneralCare Medical Clinic

A Social Security disability client said this regarding representation:

“I feel like I can finally make some plans for the future instead of just getting through each month. I . . . so appreciate his help. He truly lives up to his fine reputation.”


Another client expressed her gratitude for her representation in an insurance matter in a thank you card:

There really aren’t any words to express how grateful & appreciative I am. You are the proverbial “knight in shining armor” for my son and I. Also, again thank your son for all of his hard work. Best wishes to you and your family. Have a Great New Year.


A Social Security client gave her thoughts on the Busch Law Offices’ representation in a difficult case:

“I just wanted to start off by saying you are truly a part of my life that I will not forget. The past few years have been up and down to say the least, but with you on my side we made it just fine! This case I know was risky, but you gave it a chance and followed through as most others did not and for that I am so grateful for you. I will never forget your kindness, concern, and understanding that you showed me. I know my mom is looking down on me and smiling—she said at the beginning of this “if you want to win, have someone who is always on your side. Then if Matt is the one who will not let you down, he is great.” Well she was right. You are the reason why now I get up each day to look forward to, you made the stress and worry go away and for this I am incredible grateful! Things can finally get back to normal. This is because of you and your staff. Thank you to all of you.” [sic]

P.S.—If Brett is anything like you (which I am sure he is) then he is in for much success.

Good luck and many thanks and blessings,


A client describes his experience with Busch Law Offices:

Where do I begin? The process is unbelievably long. That said, I can't imagine doing this without legal representation and assistance.

I applied for Social Security Disability benefits in July 2009. I was denied by Social Security in October 2009. I immediately filed an appeal online. By the time I heard back from Social Security in December 2010 I had pretty much forgotten about my appeal. My case for appeal was set for June 1, 2011. Social Security said I could represent myself, or obtain a private practice lawyer or a lawyer from a pool of government lawyers in Fort Collins.

Needless to say, I was so overwhelmed I was not very optimistic about any option. I procrastinated until March, when I attempted to contact the government agency in Fort Collins. We played phone tag, and I was not impressed. I just happened to see in the Loveland Reporter Herald "Mark Your Calendar" section, that there was a seminar on options for your Social Security appeal. I went, even though I was told the seminar was full, because time was quickly slipping away.

Words, though, don't describe my relief to find that the meeting answered all my questions. There was no pressure to sign up with Busch Law Offices. Brett patiently answered every question, and was very kind and empathetic.

Because my hearing was quickly coming up, I received an immediate meeting with Brett. Here is the most important thing: I don't look ill or disabled. He took the time to read my medical reports, he asked pertinent questions and he listened. When we agreed to work together, he again patiently and simply explained everything before I signed. There were no surprises.

Lynne, his assistant, quickly organized all my medical records. Whenever I called, her calming and cheerful voice eased my mind. If she did not have the answer to questions, she conferred with Brett and always returned phone calls in a very timely manner.

Brett sent me to the proper physicians. The day before my hearing, we spent almost three hours going over reports, facts, how to answer questions at the hearing, even how to dress. We were very well prepared. The day of my appeal, Brett calmed me by talking to me about anything but the hearing. It worked. He presented my case simply and efficiently. I was at ease, and we won.

On a personal note, Brett is an exceptional young lawyer. Social Security Disability is a very difficult and emotional arena. Brett worked and spoke like a seasoned veteran. As for Lynne, she is simply the best. I 100% recommend this firm.