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Busch Law Offices Obtains Settlement for Worker Injured at Home

Busch Law Offices recently obtained a $350,000 on one of the most hotly contested claims we have handled. Our client worked from home and was injured while re-arranging the home office. There were no witnesses to the injury. Our client had a significant pre-existing condition in the injured body part and sought treatment two days prior to the alleged injury. Both of these facts created a significant obstacle to obtaining benefits, and of course the insurance company denied liability.

After numerous discovery disputes, a deposition of our client's primary care physician, and three continued hearings, Busch Law Offices agreed to participate in a settlement conference. We were skeptical that any agreement would be reached because we believed that our client could never work again and wanted to pursue permanent and total disability benefits if we were able to prove the injury was work-related.

Getting opposing counsel to include potential permanent total disability benefits in their settlement evaluation was a long shot because we had not yet proven it was a work-related injury. However, following discovery and the deposition and despite the seemingly insurmountable hurdles, we were able to obtain a settlement that included significant consideration for permanent and total disability benefits without an admission or order determining the claim was work-related.

If you have been injured on the job, we encourage you to contact our firm to learn about your legal options. Call (877) 435-1514 to get a free case evaluation!

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