Children's Disability

Loveland Children's Disability Lawyer

Do you need help obtaining disability benefits for your child?

The Social Security Administration makes disability benefits available to minor children under 18 years old. These benefits come under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. The criteria that are used to approve children for these benefits are majorly the same medical and mental condition criteria that are used to approve adults. In making this decision, they will also look at what the child is capable of doing, regardless of their illness or condition.

A child is viewed as disabled under Social Security guidelines if their medical and/or mental impairment results in serious limitations that may result in death, or may last at least twelve months. Obtaining these benefits for children can potentially be a difficult process. The reason for this is that the condition the child has may be fluid, and capable of changing. An example of this is a case of asthma or other condition that may be severe when SSI is being applied for, but a few months later is much better due to medical intervention and treatment.

As an adult works but a child does not, so what will be reviewed when approving a child's application is whether he or she has the capability to enter into activities that fit their age level. It is very important that you work with an experienced Loveland Social Security disability attorney from Busch Law Offices who understands what is needed to present your claim in the best possible light.

Obtaining Evidence to Substantiate Your Child's Claim for Disability

Social Security uses the Social Security Disability Handbook, known as the Blue Book, to evaluate claims. It contains the criteria needed to approve these benefits for children (as well as for adults). Our well-informed legal team understands these criteria, and will collect all of the appropriate information to substantiate them, including your child's Individual Education Plan (IEP), achievement and IQ test results, grade reports, and questionnaire responses from teachers.

Obtaining SSI benefits for children is not always easy, but with detailed, comprehensive information the process can be a smooth one and benefits easier to obtain, as long as Social Security guidelines are met.

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