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Filing Your First SSDI Claim?

Get Guidance from Our Skilled Colorado SSDI Attorneys

Few applying for Social Security disability insurance are aware just how tough it can be to get their application approved. As of 2013, it was estimated that only about 25% of SSDI applicants are accepted upon their initial submission and that, with further appeals, only 13% more applicants achieve an approval. The appeals process can also be lengthy, sometimes lasting up to two years while wages are lost and individuals and families go without the support they need.

At Busch Law Offices, we do not believe that Colorado citizens who are unable to work should be denied benefits because of simple oversights on their application. That is why we are now proudly offering affordable SSDI application coaching to all those looking to ensure that their first attempt at securing benefits stands the very best chance at acceptance. Our Colorado SSDI attorneys have assisted countless clients in the middle of the appeals process receive benefits and are well-versed in the common mistakes and obstacles these applications face when they are first submitted.

If you are preparing to apply for SSDI for the first time, then get the insight you need to help avoid a rejection. Call Busch Law Offices to schedule a case evaluation today.

Our Comprehensive SSDI Application Coaching Services

A new SSDI application faces a number of different challenges when it is first submitted. It could be found to be lacking in crucial information or prompt a review from a Social Security doctor. Our services minimize these factors for claimants and gives their application the boost it needs to help clear many of these bureaucratic hurdles.

Our SSDI application coaching services include:

  • Thorough review of application forms and medical records
  • Mitigation of any damaging claims from a Social Security doctor
  • Guidance on what information you need from your personal doctor
  • Instructions how to obtain necessary documents (wage records, school transcripts, etc.)
  • Overall organization of paperwork for submission

Many firms charge thousands of dollars for this kind of service knowing full well that those in need of SSDI can likely not afford that kind of fee. At Busch Law Offices we charge a flat fee of $199 for our coaching services, with an additional .25 cents for every page of medical records or the application in need of our review.

You do not have to rely on an appeal to fight for the insurance you deserve-- be proactive about your SSDI filing today and ensure it has its best possible chance at acceptance. Call Busch Law Offices to get our vigilant and experienced insight on your application now!