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With over three decades of combined legal experience under our belts, we have a thorough understanding of the legal proceedings regarding Social Security Disability (SSD) cases. Our Loveland SSD lawyers have gone through these processes more times than we can count and we know how to maximize your chances at obtaining an approved claim. We will create a comprehensive and persuasive case strategy with you to present to the appealed authorities.

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What is the Appeals Council?

If your initial claim and reconsideration claim for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are denied, the next step would be to hold an ALJ (administrative law judge) hearing. At this hearing, you will present any and all supporting evidence you may have and bring witnesses that testify for your case. If the ALJ does not approve your claim, you can appeal to the Social Security Appeals Council.

If selected, the Appeals Council will provide you with a final case review and they will look at the entirety of the case. However, they may deny a request for review if they feel that the ALJ made the correct decision earlier. If they do decide that your case should be reviewed, they may do it themselves or they may pass it onto another ALJ for further clarification. Regardless of their decision, they will inform you via writing.

Here are the steps of the appeal process:

  • File initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits
  • Go through reconsideration process if denied
  • Have administrative law judge hearing where you present evidence and witnesses
  • Hold Social Security Appeals Council appeal where they do a final review of your case
  • Potentially have your case approved and receive SSD benefits

How We Will Help You

Appealing to the Social Security Appeals Council will require an overwhelming amount of time and effort, should you choose to do it alone. With the help of our Loveland SSD attorneys, you can present a compelling and effective argument for your case. We are well-versed with handling this area of law and we will make the legal process as comfortable and stress-free for you as possible. We know how difficult it can be to manage a disability and legal issues which is why we will take the legal burden off your shoulders while you focus on your other problems.

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